sustainable upholstery fabrics
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Gone are the days when we have to convince customers that sustainability is the next big thing. The current discussion we have with our customers and partners is on how fast the transition from conventional to sustainable fabrics will happen. Will it be consumer-driven, company-driven, or will legislation be the biggest motive to change our behavior? In our newsletter we will give you the latest insights when it comes to legislation and we will share our knowledge so you can be well-informed.

The ultimate long-term goal for the EU is to become the first climate neutral economy by 2050. In the journey towards that target within the EU we agreed to decrease our emissions with 55% in 2030. This path towards zero emission will be partly innovation-driven accompanied by relevant policy. The automobile industry is a good example where legislation and innovation go hand in hand. According to the newest targets set by the European Union, starting in 2035, only electric cars may roll off of the production lines. Developments like this make you wonder, how will legislation affect my business? So sign in for the newsletter where we will share our knowledge on sustainability legislation and trends.