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Surprising Cloud: from plastic bottles to a soft upholstery fabric

Cloud is one of our fabrics in the Woven Bottles Collection made of 64% recycled PET bottles. We are limiting our impact on the planet by reusing what’s already been made. The bottles that we use for our Woven Bottles Collection are collected from landfill. This also enables us to tackle the problem of waste disposal. The fabric has withstood various quality tests. Cloud has received a GRS certificate. This provides you with additional proof that the fabric is really made of recycled materials.

The chenille jacquard feels cosy and plush. This soft material is exceptionally comfortable to sit on. The yarn-dyed pile fabric comes in a varied and stylish colour palette, with over 18 different colours. The fabric has a warmth, which adds a touch of luxury to your furniture. It is suitable for all types of upholstery, from slipcovers to tightly-fitted upholstery. Cloud is a heavy fabric, weighing almost 1 kg per running metre. The weave makes the fabric resistant to wear and tear.

Easy maintenance

Cloud is easy to clean. You can vacuum it: just make sure that you use a wide nozzle and set the suction of the vacuum cleaner to the lowest level.

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