sustainable upholstery textiles
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New sustainable furniture fabrics, reducing impact & supporting our customers

Over the past year, FABRAA has had several studies and collaborations on the agenda. Sustainability Manager Bart Smarius was interviewed about the past year. Read it here. We will continue this line in 2023 as well. Through social media, FABRAA will keep you up to date on all developments regarding legislation, our fabrics and much more. But, below also a small sample of our 2023 agenda.

Knowledge partner and advisor
We are focused on innovative research into circular business models. ‘We have noticed that increasing sustainability is now integral to Textaafoam,’ Smarius says. ‘Over the past year, we really jumped in at the deep end with our projects.’ We want to help our customers with the knowledge and expertise that we have amassed over the past four years. This will enable us to communicate the impact of our products even better and more comprehensively. We can help customers to identify the CO2 impact of fabrics. Next year, we will really get stuck in. We will offer to support our customers in measuring their impact with our upholstery fabrics. We are preparing ourselves for a report in view of upcoming legislation according to the ‘Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive’. And let’s not forget that the launch of more wonderful and innovative products is planned for the middle of the year.’