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A diverse collection of sustainable upholstery fabrics

Welcome to FABRAA! Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of sustainable upholstery fabrics. You can turn to us for sustainable solutions for your interior projects, furniture showroom, or industrial production of upholstered furniture, beds and more.

A few years ago, FABRAA was launched as a part of Textaafoam BV, a company with over 50 years of expertise in upholstery fabrics. It arose because we no longer wanted to wait for others when it comes to working in a more sustainable manner. FABRAA offers a creative commercial collection with the high quality that our customers are accustomed to. We consistently strive for an optimal balance between price, quality, and sustainability. We make it easier to choose a sustainable alternative.

Assortment of upholstery fabrics

Our assortment consists of a comprehensive and up-to-date range of upholstery fabrics. Are you looking for soft teddy-like fabrics or a velvety look? You’ll find these in the FABRAA collection. You’ll also find glossy chenilles, matte bouclés, and natural textures. The colors have been carefully developed to offer a complete and current palette. FABRAA fabrics can be excellently combined with each other. This provides you with endless possibilities to make your furniture piece look unique and fantastic. Made from recycled material. We categorize our recycled raw materials into three segments: Reproper, Recloth, and Woven Bottles.

Reproper fabrics

Our Reproper fabrics are produced using polypropylene waste from factories that manufacture diapers, face masks, and other hygiene products. These fabrics are known for being very sturdy, easy to clean, and affordable.

Recloth fabrics

Our Recloth fabrics are made from recycled material. What was previously discarded clothing and other textile waste has now become high-quality fabric. The great thing about these fabrics is that they require minimal new dyes, as the color is composed of a mix of existing colored textiles. Recloth fabrics consist partially of natural materials, such as recycled wool and recycled cotton. This imparts a natural, authentic appearance. Some articles are also Fire Retardant, making them suitable for project furnishing as well.

Woven Bottles fabrics

The most well-known material type is found in our Woven Bottles collection. The fabrics in this collection are made from yarns produced from recycled PET bottles. These beautiful materials are flexible, soft and easy to clean. Moreover, they are reasonably priced. For all the characteristics of each fabric, refer to the product page of the respective fabric.

What makes FABRAA special?

FABRAA originated from a passion for upholstery fabrics and a commitment to our planet. Sustainability is our top priority, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make this possible and transparent in our upholstery fabrics. We don’t settle for empty words. We conduct research, assess the impact, and provide transparency about the material’s origin. The same holds true for the quality of our upholstery fabrics. All our fabrics undergo testing for quality and safety by recognized institutes like CTL GmbH and Centexbel. This ensures that we offer quality that is long-lasting, safe, and sustainable. If you want more information about the test results of any of our fabrics or how we ensure certifications, please contact us.

Measuring impact

We measure the impact of our fabrics through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations. This way, we understand the impact of our fabrics and identify areas for savings. LCA is a valuable tool for evaluating the environmental burden of upholstery fabrics throughout their entire life cycle. It involves collecting data on materials, production processes, distribution, use and disposal. Conducting an LCA for a fabric is a valuable tool to get a complete picture of environmental impact and helps promote sustainable choices in the textile and furniture industry. It empowers manufacturers and designers to make more responsible choices when selecting materials and processes, resulting in a positive environmental impact.

FABRAA goes beyond impact reduction

We go beyond just examining material origins. We monitor the sustainability performance of suppliers and producers and consider topics such as sustainable energy (solar panels), water reuse, carbon dioxide emissions, and employee’s working conditions. Distance also plays a significant role. Whether a fabric is produced locally (in Europe) or has to travel thousands of kilometers overseas makes a big difference. Optimizing transport efficiency is crucial. Recently, we conducted a study on the impact of our logistics through a graduation assignment within our logistics program in Breda. This enables us to pinpoint precisely where and how we can make improvements. Our approach begins with data collection for deeper insights so that we can take targeted steps to reduce our impact.

Sustainability & FABRAA

Of course, we also look at ourselves; after all, we’re part of the supply chain as a supplier of upholstery fabrics. With our solar panels powering our office and warehouse and our sustainable waste policy, we continue to progress towards our ambitious goals.

Upholstery fabrics according to the latest trends

Alongside sustainability, it’s also important that fabrics are commercially viable. FABRAA closely follows interior trends and observes various trend currents at international fairs and seminars. The “natural” theme is central to FABRAA. Soft round shapes and materials, as well as irregular forms and textures as found in nature, take center stage in our fabrics. In terms of colors, we observe that neutral and green tones are experiencing strong growth at FABRAA. Naturally, we have the suitable fabric with the right properties and colors for every interior style.

The Future

At FABRAA, we continually strive to be at the forefront of sustainable upholstery fabrics. In addition to ensuring the sustainable origin of our fabrics, we’re also researching their circularity. We want to ensure that our fabrics can be recycled after use, giving them a new life rather than ending up as waste.

At FABRAA, we’re committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and society. We’re determined to play a leading role in promoting sustainability in the interior industry and provide our customers with the opportunity to choose responsible upholstery fabrics. Together with our extensive network of experts, we’re committed to a sustainable future.

Who is FABRAA for?

FABRAA is an organization focused on making the upholstered interior industry more sustainable. It’s a platform for everyone who shares the same passion for contributing to sustainability in the interior industry. Whether you’re a small business looking to order just a few meters or sample books or an established name interested in dozens of rolls; you’re welcome at FABRAA.


Our mission is to make the world a bit more beautiful together with you by promoting sustainability in the interior industry. We invite you to join us on this journey and contribute to a positive change in the sector. At FABRAA, we believe in the importance of responsible business and making conscious choices to achieve a positive impact on the environment and society. Together, we can transform the interior industry and create a sustainable future for all. Become a partner of FABRAA and embark on the path to a more sustainable future.