High quality upholstery fabrics
made from plastic bottles.

What would have otherwise polluted our nature now makes our furniture more beautiful. Woven Bottles upcycles PET bottles into comfortable fabrics. This is one of the ways in which waste is given a second life. Why create when you can recycle? This helps reduce our impact on the environment. Besides, it gives you a warm feeling that you are doing something good for our planet. So: thank you. On behalf of our planet.

Regain has the following savings

To give an example of one of our fabrics:

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A highly efficient process dramatically reduces energy consumption.

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Compared to production methods for other furniture fabrics, our carbon emissions are much lower.

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Our efficiency also ensures that we need much less water.

We are

At first glance, Woven Bottles is a fabric like any other. But as with so many things: it’s all about the inside. Woven Bottles is one of the solutions to our big plastic problem. Because instead of regular ingredients, we use recycled plastic bottles. Recycling simply skips much of the impact because we don’t have to make something new from scratch. Efficient production turns this raw material into furniture fabric. This innovative process provides the same qualifications as a conventional fabric. It is strong, sturdy and, above all, very soft.

Discover the process

How a Woven Bottles fabric is made:

Step 1 - Collect

Used (post consumer) bottles are collected on land before they end up in the landfill.

Step 2 - Cleaning

We remove caps and labels, wash the bottles and grind them into small flakes.

Step 3 - Granulate

The flakes are melted and filtered to remove the last dirt. Then we turn them into granules.

Step 4 - Yarns

The granules are melted again and pressed through micro-holes. This creates wire.

Step 5 - Fabric

The yarns can then be woven or knitted into fabrics.

Made of RPET bottles

459 Bottles

Regain. 100% recycled RPET bottles.
A sturdy chenille fabric. Extra soft.

138 Bottles

Soil. 60% RPET bottles. 40 PES. A
gentle surfactant.


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