sustainable upholstery textiles
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Further sustainability of the product scope

Until recently, we mainly focussed on reducing the impact of yarn production. This was quickly followed by making the supply chain more sustainable and reducing CO2 emissions within the company. This year, FABRAA has begun slowly extending this to the rest of the product range. Before, we were mainly concerned with the quality and creativity of our products. We have been expanding it further and taking a deeper look at things on a technical level. We have been researching how we can bring our products back to the source. This resulted in the ‘CIRCO Track Textile Reuse and Recycling II’ programme with which we have started to improve our sustainability alongside fellow businesses in the textiles sector. FABRAA’s question was crystal-clear: how can we ensure that residual waste goes back to the yarn producers so that it can ultimately be recycled into yarns? The project gave us new insights and cross-sector collaboration is now planned to enable a process that is as efficient as possible. We want to be able to help other companies to achieve a zero-waste policy, with solutions for offcuts, for example. The project is still in its early days, but it signals FABRAA’s ambitions to support its customers.