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Cloud: a soft and sustainable upholstery fabric

Product Development has spotted several trends in the market. Because of what is going on in the world, people need softness and a warm feeling. We also see this trend in our interiors. Cloud fits this trend perfectly, both the colours and appearance. This fabric exudes luxury and cosiness. The way it is woven gives it a voluminous look. It makes your furniture shine. The thick chenille yarns with a high pile make Cloud a full and heavy quality.

A real eye-catcher. But Cloud is more than that…in fact, the fabric is part of the Woven Bottles collection. Through an ingenious process, RPET bottles are transformed into a soft furniture fabric. The sustainable fabrics in our range have the same quality standards the range of parent company Textaafoam. The fabrics are tested for quality both internally and by an independent party. An obvious advantage of the sustainable fabrics is that you are doing something good for our earth. We are aware of the environment. Are you?

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