Meet Wish

A touch so pleasantly soft with a natural look, that makes it
easy to make a conscious choice for upholstery fabrics.
We are proud to present Wish.

Meet Wish

A touch so pleasantly soft with a natural look, that makes it
easy to make a conscious choice for upholstery fabrics.
We are proud to present Wish.










Upto 65% of the yarns we use are made of recycled polypropylene and 35% of virgin polyester. The chenille yarns give a matte and soft experience. The colours of the yarns are carefully developed in a natural and earthy palette, to enhance the ambiance and appearance. If you choose for fitted or loose upholstery for your furniture, either way it will fit perfectly. This upholstery fabric is machine-washable at 30 degrees Celsius*, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Quality wise, Wish is strong, durable and meets and exceeds all requirements for upholstery fabrics. It͛s everything you͛ve ever wished for in a sustainable upholstery fabric.

– Please note that due to chenille yarns, shading and seat depression are possible.
– We recommend to wash the cover inside out and immediately place the cover back to the piece of furniture, slightly damp, after washing.


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Product characteristics

Abrasion Resistance - yarn breakage

35.000 cycles


Grade 5

Colour fastness to light

Grade 5

Colour fastness to rub (dry)

Grade 4-5

Material weight in grams per linear meter

± 481


Quality marks

FAQ about this product

Some of our yarns consist of different materials, intertwined to make one yarn. This makes it difficult to recycle them at the end-of-life at this time. Furthermore, our upholstery fabrics are used for the manufacturing of furniture, such as sofa’s and armchairs. These furniture items consist of a number of different components, which often makes it difficult to recycle these products once they have been disposed of. We strive to continuously make our products more sustainable, working together with our suppliers and customers to find solutions to make our materials and end products easier recyclable.

All of the materials that go into our products are perfectly cleaned and sanitized before being processed. This is the case for both virgin material, as well as of course all recycled material.

We work together with our trusted partners to verify different quality aspects of our products. Please see below the quality focus areas and respective partners who conduct testing:

  • Technical product compliance – Partnership with CTL Bielefeld
  • Chemical product compliance – Partnership with Centexbel for testing concerning REACH, dyestuffs etc.
  • Usability – In-house testing facility to check for practical usability of our products

Please find more information on CTL Bielefeld and Centexbel under “Verifications & Partnerships”.

Generally, we choose suppliers who are willing to work together with us to continuously improve the products we make for our customers. We have built strong business relations with our Textaafoam suppliers in the last decades, working together to making great quality upholstery fabrics for a good price. For our Fabraa line, we continue building on the expertise of our suppliers, focusing on those who already have extensive experience in the area of making sustainable fabrics. We also keep on building new relationships with great suppliers we meet in the process of our work.

Regarding service levels from our side, you can expect the same dedicated support as you are used to from us.

The main supply chain of upholstery fabrics looks as follows:

  1. Fiber production
  2. Yarn production
  3. Fabric production
  4. Dyeing
  5. Finishing
  6. Packaging
  7. Distribution
  8. Warehouse
  9. Furniture production
  10. Retail
  11. Usage
  12. Disposal/End of life

Our sustainability efforts touch upon each of these steps, trying to limit negative impact of our operations. To learn more, do have a look at our video giving an overview of our supply chains!

amfori BSCI is an international association bringing together international companies, supporting members to improve working conditions throughout their supply chains. The main focus is on capacity building and the social auditing of factories that members are working with.

For more information, please visit

CTL GmbH Bielefeld is a chemical-technical laboratory based in Bielefeld, Germany, focused on testing e.g. textiles, apparel and upholstery fabrics.

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