quality of sustainable fabrics
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Quality control

Reliable quality of our sustainable upholstery fabrics

Quality is one of our most important pillars; we therefore invest a lot of time in monitoring the high quality and durability standards of our upholstery fabrics. We do this from product development right up to delivery. It is very important to us that our customers can rely on the quality of sustainable upholstery fabrics day in and day out. It must be consistently high quality regardless of when it is produced or delivered. Just because the fabrics contain recycled materials does not mean the quality is inferior. For example, we test the strength of the fabric and its resistance to wear and tear. This is looked at using a master sample. Using the original sample, we can examine the lightfastness or colour of the fabric, among other things.

For the producer

Our partners can count on expert assurance of all applicable rules. We test in-house for our own verification during product development and randomly compare incoming fabrics with master samples. We have all quality checks performed by independent external laboratories. Each quality is given its own name and colour number. And the roll also gets a unique barcode with the production date and dye bath. All test results are described in the fabric’s article passport. This means that you can easily find all the specifications. You can download the article passport from the relevant product page or you can contact our customer service.

Tips for maintenance

By properly cleaning and maintaining the fabric, you can extend its life. A few small tips make it very easy to incorporate your furniture into a cleaning routine. In addition, our sales managers would be happy to advise you on which fabric is best for you. Wondering how best to clean or maintain the fabric? We have some helpful tips for you! Please feel free to contact our customer service.

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